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Webhosting Orange
(personal, families, clubs,
small business)



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(up to medium-sized



Webhosting Blue
(beyond medium-sized

  • 1'000 MB Web Space
  • 25 E-Mail Adresses
  • 5 Subdomains
  • 5 Domain Aliases
  • 3 FTP Accesses
  • 1 MySQL-Database


  • 2'500 MB Web Space
  • 50 E-Mail Adresses
  • 10 Subdomains
  • 25 Domain Aliases
  • 6 FTP Accesses
  • 5 MySQL-Databases


  • 5'000 MB Web Space
  • 250 E-Mail Adresses
  • 25 Subdomains
  • 100 Domain Aliases
  • 9 FTP Accesses
  • 10 MySQL-Databases


CHF 12.OO / Month*
(instead of CHF 16.00/Month)
  CHF 20.00 / Month*
(instead of CHF 27.00/Month)
  CHF 37.00 / Motht*
(instead of CHF 49.00/Month)
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We guide you through the process step by step, from the regstration of your  domain name and the design of your website, to going online and hosting your homepage!

Your benefits:

  • 100% free support
  • Modern technologies
  • Server security: virus protection and spamfilter
  • Server location: Switzerland
  • Daily data backup
  • Global e-mail access
Ecological Hosting
The web servers are powered by renewable energy from Jade Naturstrom. This WWF and Pro Natura certified enrgy comes from enviromentally friendly sources such as solar, water and wind. This is how WolfSolutions plays a meaningful role in the development of 100% sustainable energy and actively participates in the protection of our planet.

* These offers are only valid along with the creation of a new website. All prices include sales tax.

Hosting Partner



Website - GV Solothurn 2015
It is with great delight that the new website for the „Zentralfest 2015“ of the Schweizerischer Studentenverein (Swiss Student's Society) was designed and launched online.

Weitere Referenzen finden Sie hier.

Logo - GV Solothurn 2015
It is with zeal that the logo for the „Zentralfest 2015“ of the Schweizerischer Studentenverein (Swiss Student's Society), taking place in „ Switzerland's finest baroque city“, was designed.

More references can be found here.

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